Many fundraising initiatives have been started by OBs of TC for the benefit of the school, most of these with quite aggressive targets. They have had varying degrees of success and sustainability, mostly due to the set amount to be contributed by each OB being rather high. Many OBs tend to drop off along the way when the financial pressures of the day begin to bare.

A few OBs, reflecting on the above trend, thought, why not set such a ridiculously low amount for monthly contribution that even when times are tough, an OB can still somewhat manage? The monetary equivalent of 4 drinks “of your choice” at an average hangout was thought to be a good benchmark and just like that the 20K initiative was conceived!

The initiative started off in 2020 with 16 active members led by Mr. Stephen Ojambo as Interim Chairperson and Mr. Bob Mayeku as Interim Treasurer. UGX 2,160,000/= was raised that year and duly banked on the SPECTOBA account on the understanding that it would only be spent on an initiative agreed upon by the 20K initiative members. Contributions for 2023 are ongoing.

It is in that regard that we call upon all gallant OBs of TC to join in and grow this fund; you will agree 20K a month is sustainable and yet impactful when all OBs of TC join in!!!

~ A journey of a thousand miles starts but with a single step ……

~ The buddha while sitting in the woods saw an otter furiously dipping its tail in a large pond, scurrying to the woods, and shaking its tail dry.

Pray, tell me, what are you doing most honourable otter? asked the buddha.

“Can’t you see I am emptying this pond so I can cross to the other side?” replied the otter.

The buddha with an incredulous look asked, “and when, good sir, do you think you will complete this task?”

Oh well, that will be “never” by myself……. but good buddha, there are one million otters in these woods that were only waiting for one to start, they see what I am doing, will soon join in and once they do, this pond will take no longer to empty than a small puddle” answered the otter!

Thank you Sir, said the buddha to the otter as he left marvelling at the wisdom in the lesson on leadership and teamwork he had just learnt from the little otter…..

It may be huge task for one OB to make a UGX 100M contribution to their old school, but for 1,000 OBs, well it just takes 20K a month per OB for 5 months!!!!

Amount collected in 2020 and 2021 totalled to 5,265,000 shs. of which 3,000,000 shs. was used to reward teachers in 2021 in addition to 3m given by OB Apostle Dr.Suubi Julius.

Collections for 2022 totalled to 12,315,000 shs.. So we used a balance from 2020 and 2021 of 2,265,000 shs. and collections of 2022 of 12,315,000 shs. to reward teachers for 2022 totalling to 14,580,000 shs. The function to handover the cash took place on 11th March 2023. It was led by Nambwira Dan and Bob Mayeku.

Special contribution also came from Apostle Dr. Suubi Julius to top for admin to 1.3m. Dan added 140k, Bob 50k and Oudo 50k to cater for subsidiary A'level teachers

We are all invited to be part of this Initiative and we can make our contributions through Mobile Money using the following lines of our Treasurer Mr. Bob Mayeku 0772461473 or 0704122780. Karibuni Sana.

Download the Updated Initiative Document.

How Teachers were rewarded.