The St. Peter's College Old Boys' Association (S.P.E.C.T.O.B.A) is an organ for intergration of Tororo College old boys


On 19.7.2003, a Stakeholders’ Meeting was held at the school involving SPECTOBA, BOG, PTA, and the School Administration. The school presented its priorities that included renovations of the chemistry lab, dining hall, and dormitories, fencing of the school, and sanitation.

A team headed by The National Coordinator and Treasurer on behalf of SPECTOBA prepared an action plan with a log frame containing a number of projects that could be undertaken in response to the request for support list by the school. A Medium Term Strategic Plan was also prepared in support of the above. I will share with the new executive a copy of this plan.

Activities Identified

1. Re-Mobilize Old Boys.

2.Champion change of attitudes on part of students plus teacher motivation.

3.Contribute to rebuilding school image and student discipline.

4.Recognize best performing students.

5.Identify alternative sources of revenue for Association Initiatives.

6.Influential OBs to help with possible ways of resource mobilization to support the School via OB activities

Aims and Objectives of the Association

1.To promote the educational well being of the college

2.To be a forum of unity for the Old Boys of St. Peter's College Tororo

3.To monitor, co-ordinate and assist in all activities partaining to the development of the college.

Download the SPECTOBA Constitution.